Men's Gold Nipple Rings

Twisted Design

Handmade twisted solid 9ct gold nipple rings for men.

nipple ring on male model showing off erect nipple

Designed for the modern man who wants to enjoy the sensual feeling of wearing a nipple ring with out the pain of having a pierced nipple.

The ring is suitable for a man who has a prominent nipple. i.e. not inverted.

men's gold nipple rings male nipple rings for a prominent nipple
Gold Nipple Ring
One Piece
Gold Nipple Rings
One Pair

You can choose from buying one or you can buy a pair.

How to wear the men's gold nipple rings.

Any man providing he has a prominent nipple can wear these men's nipple rings as they are designed in a non piercing style.

Gently pull the nipple through or get your partner to hold them in their mouth against their teeth and gently suck the nipple through. Then adjust by squeezing the ring gently for a secure fit.

Every ring is hand twisted from solid 9ct gold and handcrafted by a professional goldsmith.

They are comfortable and when fitted correctly they will not fall off.

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