Silver Nipple Rings

Solid Design

Solid silver nipple rings can be worn by any woman as they require no piercing.

Created by a professional silversmith. The rings are available in single or double lengths. They come in pairs.

solid nipple ring in single length nipple ring solid in double length
nipple rings worn on breasts nipple rings worn on boobs
Solid Nipple Rings

single length
one pair
Solid Nipple Rings

double length
one pair

Comfortable enough to wear underneath your clothing.

The double length nipple rings are more suitable for the ladies with a prominent nipple.

How to wear your Solid Nipple Rings

Any woman can wear these nipple rings as they are designed in a non piercing style.

Fitting them is a sensual experience. Moisten the nipple then either allow your partner to slip the ring over your nipple by placing in his/her mouth and gently apply pressure on the ring to get a comfortable fit. Or have them or yourself place the ring over your erect nipple with your fingertips. Adjust the ring by applying gentle pressure.

The nipple rings will ensure your nipples remain firm, erect and very sensitive. They are comfortable and when fitted correctly they will not fall off.

also available twisted and braided nipple rings

nipple ringsnipple rings braided

Enjoy dressing up your breasts with these titillating nipple rings.