Silver Bottom Jewelry

Suitable for ladies and men

Handmade solid silver bottom jewelry created by a professional silversmith.

bottom teaser jewelry for the ladiesbottom jewelry for men

Unlike anything you have worn before the Bottom Jewelry is held in place by a pure silver insert. It effortlessly glides in, a slight clenching of the anal muscles ensures a pleasurable feeling and the crystal dangles caresses your bottom for an added extra tickle.

They are available in 4 different dangle designs using love hearts, butterflies, pearls or Swarovski crystals.

bottom teaser anal jewelry

picture above showing bottom jewelry with Swarovski Crystal Dangle

Bottom Teaser
Love Heart Dangle

Bottom Teaser
Butterfly Dangle

Bottom Teaser
Pearl Dangle

Bottom Teaser
Crystal Dangle


love hearts, butterflies, pearls or Swarovski crystals

love hearts butterfly's pearls and swarovski crystals

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The dangles are made with genuine Swarovski Crystals.

How to wear your bottom jewelry

The anus is rich with nerve endings, no wonder so many people, perhaps secretively, find anal stimulation so enjoyable. The first steps involve anal massage. Usually when the bottom is first touched it contracts, preventing entry. You need to get the anal muscles to relax prior to any insertion. With time you will feel the muscles relax and the anus open up. You can use saliva or a water based lubricant. Gently glide in the bottom teaser. Leave the dangle showing. Your muscle tone in your bottom keeps the jewelry in place.

Any guy or girl can wear this sensual bottom jewelry as they are designed in a non piercing style.

Not to mention it is an absolute pleasure to see your lover wearing this bottom jewelry. Creating arousing foreplay.

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