Men's Gold Body Jewelry

Here you will find erotic solid gold cock and body jewelry. Each design is handmade in solid 9ct gold.

The wonderful thing is you do not need a piercing to wear any of these gold items.

Each piece is handmade to order which means all our designs are unique.

To view and to purchase the men's cock and body jewelry products click on the pictures below.

solid gold jewelry for men bottom jewelry for men male nipple rings lip, nose and body rings for men
Gold Cock Rings Gold Bottom Jewelry Men's Gold Nipple Rings Men's Gold Lip and Nose Rings
ear cuff jewelry for men cock rings in adjustable styles
Men's Gold Ear Cuffs Similar Jewelry in SOLID SILVER

These wonderful designs are unique as they are made by a professional Goldsmith. Creating a stunning piece of timeless Jewelry just for you.

Enjoy online shopping. We post world wide.