Lip Rings and Body Rings

for girls and guys

lip ring in non piercing designnon piercing nose ring stud

Solid Silver hand made body rings. Anyone can wear these non piercing rings.

Two styles available solid and braided.

body and lip rings for girls and guys

solid body ring one piece solid body rings one pair silver braided body ring jewelry braided body ring sold in pairs
Solid Body Ring
Solid Body Rings
Braided Body Ring
Braided Body Rings Pair

Go wild with your imagination when you wear these non piercing solid silver body and lip rings. Wear the jewelry on your ears, eyebrows, lips, nose, pussy lips. In fact any where you have a fold of skin.

How to wear the silver body rings

Very easy to put on and wear. Simply open up the braided or solid body ring. The silver is strong but soft enough to be opened and closed to fit around your body. Squeeze the ring together to suit your size. They really do stay on and you won't be aware you are wearing them.

They look like a real piercing. Have a look at Victoria Beckham wearing her clip on lip ring.