Gold Nipple Clips

Handcrafted by a professional goldsmith. Solid 9ct or 18ct gold nipple clips are made in a wonderful design that requires no piercing. They are great for woman who have smaller nipples as they can be closed down to a small size. However they can be worn by woman with all sized nipples as the clip can be opened to accommodate the large nipple.

They come in pairs.

nipple clips on breast nipple clip jewelry in solid gold
Solid 9ct Gold
Nipple Clips

one pair
Solid 18ct Gold
Nipple Clips

one pair

Comfortable enough so you can even wear them underneath your clothing.

How to wear your gold nipple clips

Nipple clips are designed in a non piercing style. Fitting them is a sensual experience. Moisten the nipple then either allow your partner to slide the nipple clip over your nipple, or place them on yourself. Gently apply pressure on the clip to get a comfortable fit.

The nipple clips will ensure your nipples remain firm, erect and very sensitive. They are comfortable and when fitted correctly they will not fall off.

Sensational design that will really turn on your lover.