Gold Cock Rings

Any man can wear these solid gold cock ring designs as they are full adjustable.

There are three designs, twisted, braided and solid.

They are created by a professional Goldsmith using solid 9ct gold.

Approx 3/4 ounce of gold has been used in the process of making these cock rings.

male modeling gold cock ring

How the Cock Ring Jewelry works

Cock Rings work by constricting the blood flow by keeping the blood in the shaft of the penis. When the wearer finally does ejaculate the sensation is more intense since it takes a longer time to have an orgasm and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

cock rings jewelry gold twisted designcock rings jewelry braided designcock rings jewelry solid design





How to wear your gold cock ring jewelry

The cock rings are very easy to put on. The 9ct gold is solid but soft enough to adjust. Slide down over the penis. Push the outer ends on the ring outward so it opens up more or push and turn the ends together so it closes down. The ring should fit loosely when the penis is flaccid. It is mildly restrictive when the penis is erect.

All the rings can be adjusted to fit any man. If you find it difficult to adjust while on the penis. Find a circular object like a deodorant bottle, something of a similar size that you wish it to be. Place the cock ring over it and wind up or down. That will help maintain the perfect shape of the cock ring.

Enjoy the cock jewelry. It will help maintain your erection adding a new dimension to your foreplay and lovemaking.