Victoria Beckham

wearing a non piercing lip ring on her bottom lip

victoria beckham on stage wearing lip ring

victoria beckham's lip ringlip rings for woman worn by victoria beckham

A while ago a leather clad Victoria Beckham created a bit of a stir when she turned up for a stage appearance in Birmingham in front of 3o,ooo people sporting a lip ring and long hair extensions.

She told the audience "its really painful". Victoria Beckham also told the Sun newspaper that her bottom lip was "agony" All the newspapers thought she had her lip pierced until all was revealed.

It emerged later that the piercing was not real at all. Her spokeswoman said she was wearing a fake clip on ring for her stage show.

Victoria certainly had fun though wearing out the non piercing lip ring joking with all the fans about her new piercing. The thing is it looked so real every one thought she really did have a piercing.


nicole richie wearing a nipple ring



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