Arm Band Jewelry

Solid silver armbands created by a professional silversmith.

arm band jewelry in solid silver

The arm bands are all hand made in solid silver. A beautiful piece of orignal jewelry. Each one is adjustable. They can be easily fitted by opening and closing to your arm size.

They look stunning on a bare arm or even over clothing.

Choose from the three designs below.

arm band jewelry in solid silver twirl design arm band jewelry in solid silver in snake design arm band jewelry in solid silver in oxidised design
Silver Arm Band
Silver Arm Band
Silver Arm Band Oxidised

How to wear your Armband

Open them up by gently easing the band. Slide onto your arm and squeeze into position. Once its on it will stay where you placed it. They are suitable for everyone as they are fully adjustable. All the armbands are made from solid silver and very easy to wear.

Its a gorgeous piece of jewellery that is a little bit different. It won't be long before you get admiring comments.

History of Arm Band Jewelry

Arm band jewelry has been around for many many years. Have a look at this original piece of either Greek or Thracian gold arm band jewelry. It is from the 2nd-1st century B.C. It was auctioned over 10 years ago at Christie's and sold for $65,000.00 Some Greek armband jewelry dates right back to 200 B.C.

ancient greek armband sold at christie's

Create your own piece of history by wearing jewelry from long ago with our timeless silver armbands.