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non piercing nipple and body jewelry.

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Pierced body jewelry is very popular today. What a lot of people do not know is you can purchase similar jewelry with out needing to be pierced. What we offer is a range of beautiful hand crafted jewelry designs for girls and guys.

You can choose form our erotic nipple rings, nipple shields, nipple chains, nipple clips or nipple dangle designs. That covers the nipple jewelry but we also have jewelry for the pussy, clitoris and more mainstream jewelry like toe rings and Waist chains.

The wonderful thing is you do not need a piercing to wear any of the jewelry on this website.

For the guys we have cock rings, bottom teasers, ear cuffs. Along with more masculine designs.

Everything is made by a professional silversmith and goldsmith in either solid silver or solid 9ct gold. All the jewelry is very easy to put on and very comfortable.

To view and to buy the body and nipple jewelry use the links in the navigation bar or the pictures below.

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christmas special

Enjoy this monthly special for silver nipple dangles and clit clips.

Ever since Victoria Beckham wore a non piercing lip ring at one of her concerts more and more women and men have tried out our non piercing body and nipple jewelry.

Each piece is handmade to order which means all our designs are unique.

As well as nipple rings we also make nipple clips designed for women with smaller or inverted nipples.

Fitting the nipple rings is an experience in itself. Firstly ensure the nipple is erect either by sucking, tweaking, well I am sure you know how to do it.

Moisten the nipple then either allow your partner to slip the nipple ring over your nipples with their fingertips. Or they can place the ring in their mouth and suck the nipple through the ring. Gently apply pressure to the ring to get a secure fit. Of course you can put it on yourself and surprise your lover.

The nipple rings will ensure your nipples remain firm, erect and very sensitive.

An Alternative to Body Piercing Jewelry.

For women or men wanting to wear body adornments but nervous of the effect of piercings the answer is to use non piercing nipple and body jewelry and enjoy the pleasure without the pain.

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